Dr. Hoang Thanh Binh
175 Hospital

The hospital received 175 per day from 1000 to 1200 patients, often over 1000 patients, so if there is no system software FPT IS is very difficult in hospital management. Especially for the command and administration, this is really a useful tool. Previously required a report to take at least a week, with the support of all the parts, so now only take a few minutes to complete information

Dr. Hoang Luong
ENT Hospital Saigon

We've been using FIS software was rated 3 years and this is a very complete software to manage the operations of the hospital. So we continue to apply this software for ENT clinic of our new birth

Dr. Nguyen Van Vinh
Complete U.S. clinic director ThaoDien

Thanks to the software that I just sit in a room can know all activities of the clinic is going how, how many patients a day, what specific doctors to examine patients, diagnoses and prescriptions outlined stars ... so I can also manage the correct diagnosis of individual doctors

Mrs Tran Thi Thanh Mai
Deputy Director of Hospital Security

FPT's software helps us to strengthen management capacity and operating hospitals, and assist in the examination and treatment quickly and efficiently. In addition, the program also created a style of scientific work, and helped develop advanced qualifications for staff, through the ability to exchange information quickly and easily.

For patients, simply complete the information only once at the counter and then receive all the information about the patient's medical history is stored for all visits after helping patients feel secure, confident when the examination in our hospital