We've been using FIS software was rated 3 years and this is a very complete software to manage the...

Dr. Hoang Luong
ENT Hospital Saigon

Phần mềm y tế



The strong development of economy and science and technologyhas brought many advantages for the medical devicesmodern machineryBut with demand healthcare on the rise, hospitals and clinics are facing new challenges in management: How doinformation systems from the deviceother departmentsconnected together into a comprehensive informationmanagement service and treatmentHow do the current resources, hospitals, clinics can operate more efficiently, betterserve the patient?

Understanding these difficulties, our engineers and technologyFPT IS professors, doctors experienced in the health sector hasconstantly improve and develop software systems for the management of the hospitals and clinics on an advanced,modern and more efficient.

We believe thatwith the need for deep understanding and professional experience over 10 years with the Health sectorsoftwareFPT IS will give customers the software product as quickly as possible - best-and most intensive.